1. 1808 Spanish 8 Reales, 1943 Mercury Dime, etc.

    Found this Spanish pillar dollar today in the ocean. (Edit: I initially thought it to be too light to be genuine, weighing in at only 16.5 grams, but as many T-net users have pointed out, being exposed to salt water for 200+ years corrodes silver, and I can confirm the coin is much thinner than...
  2. Open butt axe head identification help?

    Help with information? I can’t find anything like this. Guessing it’s forged steel by blacksmith. Unusual open butt design with forged pins.
  3. 8 in nail or spike confusion

    My dad had me look at this today. I told him I would try to find something out about this. I hope you can see it well, it measures 8.5 inches against the ruler. It has horizontal ridges cut into it below the head (but not on all sides, just one I think) and some at the tip.I saw one very similar...