8 in nail or spike confusion


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My dad had me look at this today. I told him I would try to find something out about this. I hope you can see it well, it measures 8.5 inches against the ruler. It has horizontal ridges cut into it below the head (but not on all sides, just one I think) and some at the tip.I saw one very similar to this but it was bronze from an 1806 shipwreck. So I have no idea. Any ideas? Thank you.


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Is it flattened on the end? Just wondering if it could be some sort of tool, perhaps the ridges are for gripping. Just some ideas, but it is cool! Love stuff like this and the mystery!

Looks like a spike to me :dontknow:.. pretty sweet though!

maybe for stone? like mounting a gate on a stone wall or something

I have seen similar ones used to anchor those concrete or plastic parking lot stops. Same thing with a chisel tip and same type of head. Modern.

Spike or nail I would just call it a spail

It is flat like a spike would be, I guess. The end looks like a flathead.

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