1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown mineral inside concretion

    Hi. I Found this mineral inside of a concretion. The minerals that I typically find inside the concretions local to my area are calcite and Aragonite. This is the only one I have ever opened that looks like this. Any ideas? Thank you. Location: Orange County, California
  2. Fossilised heart ( human???)

    I found what looks to be a petrified and agatized human heart. The anatomy is all correct and it’s the size of my fist like a human heart should be. I thought I was digging up petrified wood but it turned out to be a ton of fossils. I think this heart looking one is the most significant though.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Dinosaur Bones?!

    Just purchased a couple petrified/fossil jaw bones and one very ominous (leg?) bone from an older lady who inherited these from her grandfather when he died. She also had a gigantic leg bone taller than her but sadly would not part ways with it. Trying to identify what animals these belonged to...
  4. Fossil identification

    Found this among native american artifacts and I'm wondering what type of fossil it is. Notice the crystal in the center.
  5. A Very Tiny Mystery

    Hello wonderful fossil-people! I usually hang out in the Native American Artifacts forum but today I'd show up here instead. If you and you're gang enjoy solving a groovy mystery, I have a post for you! This rock was found in an area of Northern Arizona that is very well know for producing lots...
  6. Introduction - Hello from Minnesota

    Hi, I'm Marcus. I like the bones of American megafauna. I hunt/collect rock and bone on river and creek gravel deposits on foot and by kayak. I live in Southern Minnesota. :skullflag: Come join this Minnesota fossil group if you are interested...
  7. What in the ringy dingy is this

    Feels like a blob of clay
  8. Southern Illinois Fossils (Acrhimedes Screws (Bryozoan) and death plates)!

    Did a quick 30 minute stop to a road cut off off route 146. No tools, just what had naturally eroded. Would be well worth spending more time but I got what I could carry and kept driving.
  9. Found while metal detecting one of the Treasure Coast Beaches.

    I am new to the fossil world. I found this yesterday while metal detecting a Florida Treasure Coast beach. I appreciate any knowledge and/or opinions. Thank you
  10. Teeth? Rocks?

    These were found in Coastal North Carolina. They are shaped like teeth, but dark brown in appearance. Are they rocks? Are they teeth? If so, what type of animal? Time period? Any ideas? I apologize for the wonky orientation of the pictures. Thanks for your input.
  11. Hello from Texas new here have some artifacts to share....

    I've always loved rocks and now I think I have actually found some cool ones that may be of interest. found either on my family's property or in my driveway here at home from a load of river pebbles.
  12. Another good outing

    I got that Geo bug bad. They seem to be calling me. Hunted 1 1/2 hours Along a creek bank. 11 Indian Beads, 5 fossils, 107 geodes, and 30 pieces of geodes.
  13. Tooth or Claw

    I'm back out hunting at the first spot. I found a piece of rock that has a darker center. And it's got fossils in it. I am almost positive that it looks like a tooth or a claw in this rock. Then there is another one with just the tip showing.
  14. Cache- Find of a Lifetime

    My first find was amazing. I don't have that many miles put into this find. Ive been hunting for approximately 3-4 months. I happen to have a honey hole within walking distance of my house. I have named that place the Honey hole. This is a once in a lifetime find.
  15. New member excited to see and learn more bout everything tresured.

    Hello I'm new to the whole thread thing but excited to show some treasures of mine that ive found and to talk with others about theirs. I currently am in to rockhounding, im learnjng about the minerals and researching on a ton of rocks my sister had dumped on me in 2011-2012. So far, since I...
  16. Florida Mammal Fossil Hunting!

    Hey everyone! I mentioned sharing some videos in my introduction post, so here's the first I'm sharing with y'all! My girlfriend Ashley and I went a couple days ago to some Pleistocene aged (1.8 million to 10,000 years ago) sites for mammal and reptile fossils. We found some older Eocene aged...
  17. My First Post on Treasurenet

    Hey everyone! I just joined Treasurenet, and figured as a first post I would show you guys some of what I find, and enjoy hunting for. Fossils are my main thing, but I am into finding any sort of treasure! I also put videos together of my hunts and will definitely be sharing some with y'all...
  18. Bone fragments and scutes - Brazos River, SE Texas

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post and my first time taking pictures of fossils for help with ID's. I promise I will get better! About these fossils: These bone fragments and scutes were found west of Houston, TX, along the Brazos River (Fort Bend and Waller Counties). All of these...
  19. Is this a fossilized tooth?

    Hello, I am new here so if I make a mistake give me a heads up. I found this about a week ago. On the beach, in the ocean. Someone suggested, that it may be a fossilized tooth. They suspected, it was from the miocene epoch. They said it was from a three-toed horse. I know absolutely nothing...