garrett apex

  1. School-Farm with James

  2. Nailed it hats off to Garrett Apex giveaway info.

  3. Last hunt of 2022 Apex ,Legend

  4. Stumbled upon a new site Garrett Apex

  5. Boat launch and disgusted

  6. Apex Predator strikes again!

  7. Garrett Apex predator hits two rings

  8. New tot lot jewelry action Garrett Apex

  9. Apex talk & drought detecting

  10. Legend Garrett Apex school tear out

  11. Coins Galore with the Apex after return

  12. 10k White gold moissanite ring

    10k White gold moissanite ring

    One of my all time best finds up to date. I found it with the Garrett Ace Apex. I submitted it to Garrett and I won one of the monthly Apex finds.
  13. Rosie’s galore Garret Apex 10Khz

  14. Face up

  15. Rings and things and disappointment

  16. Tot lots with the Apex

  17. Garrett Apex & Ripper coil fantastic…

  18. Farewell season last hunt in Maine.

  19. Ring a ding ding I find some bling!

  20. Veterans Day hunt & odd finds!