1. ✅ SOLVED Moroccan celestite geode

    Hello Im a moroccan miner and i ve found 4 tonnes of celestite geode i want to know where can i sell it in a wholesale quantity and a good price Leave you with the pictures thank you
  2. Cannonball or what?

    I have found this round rock while in a rock quarry near the usa border and abbotsford. It is almost perfectly round and has a purpley tinge on 3/4 of the surface It was located where sumas lake used to be till 1920. Apparently in the 1800s there was a war for the border and the had stone...
  3. My favorite Dugway Geode I've cut open...

    Pretty unique and beautiful stone.. just sharing.
  4. Mysterious Gem Rocks Need Identifying

    These rocks were found in Greece just off spinalogka. On the top of the mountain. Had the ten years and never knew what they are! Please please please help! Thanks in advance Please see link
  5. What is it? An Odd Geode?

    Hi all! Iowan here, Found this geode-like rock in a creek in Eastern Iowa.... very unique top and bottom though, anyone have any idea of what it is? Hoping my images loaded!
  6. Geode with brittle mineral inside?

    Sucks it had a crack in it and broke.
  7. Is this considered a Thunder Egg?

    Found one really nice one and several pieces. They have a brownish color and have fractures all over. My question is are these geodes or Thu nder Eggs?
  8. Good haul for 35 minutes of hunting

    Went geode hunting in West central Indiana in Montgomery County. Hunted along Sugar Creek. Was only out 35 minutes cause I got a late start. I found 81. This was the first time for me to go geode hunting. I'm hooked.
  9. Help me identify the “brain rock”

    Hello! This rock has been in my family for as long as I can remember. We always called it the “brain rock” when we were kids. It was my grandma’s and she always said it was a geode. That would be awesome but I have my doubts. I would just break it open but if it’s not a geode then I’d rather...
  10. Hmmm.. anybody recognize what type of geode this is?

    Treasure hunted this at the Goodwill today :)
  11. Cracking a HUGE geode

    Hi all I saw this video of a 106lb geode being opened for the first time and I thought you guys might enjoy it. I can quite catch the name of the geode type on the video. Does anyone know what type it is?
  12. Please help Identify the minerals in this geode

    Hi, I bought this geode from a RenFest a few weeks ago and cracked it open. I have been hanging out there a while watching other people crack theirs open to see whats inside. When I opened mine they were surprised to see what was inside. They told me it was a rare geode and a great find. They...
  13. Fossil, Geode or both?

    I found this a while ago. I believe it is a geode and a fossil. Within the rib, there is crystal the looks quartz to me and at the top of the stone, looks like there may be bone. I would appreciate any and all thoughts
  14. Please Take a look AMAZING Star Rock.. Meteorite? Crystals Medals ID Please

    ok strong magnetic proprietress. Two large visible groups of deep Orange dare i say red crystal structures. Cubed medals within and protruding from stone. Approx 4.11 oz Looks like Fusion Crust from the little iv been able to understand on this. Looks like medal rock cooled and liquified over...
  15. geode?

    Hi (from Scotland) Was wondering is this some kind of geode? Inside I can see some tiny minerals, white but sparkling blue and red... Thanks for any help 1 bear