1. half moon stone blade/ possible carvings.

    was looking through old rocks i had tossed into a the garden since the weather was so nice today and came across this super sharp half moon shaped edge blade with a bunch of points and pieces. It looks like there may be some carvings or markings i'm unfamiliar with. Any help identifying is...
  2. Widespread sign #1: "Lilo" or "lilo"

    Hi, I've been told these are possibly survey marks of some kind, but from Colonial Spanish era techniques? I find them here and there in S. NM, often associated with (perhaps ill-advised?) digs or blasting! Have not found any outside the region yet. You have any that you can share from your...
  3. Superstition Glyphs & Formations

    Formidable Places 33°32'41.76"N 111°20'21.70"W 33°20'48.18"N 111°13'21.58"W if you wanna go hiking, let me know
  4. Ancient Pottery Shard with Glyphs - can anyone help

    I found this on a beach in an inner harbor after the Tsunami from Japan. (It was found in an area where ancient Native villages once were). It appears to be a tablet, or a piece of a pottery that was very large. It is fossilized. Some of the glyphs look familiar, (as I have been trying to...