gold coins

  1. Treasure Hunting Magazine for FREE!!!

    Found 2 issues of Treasure Hunting magazine on the internet and I'm sharing this for FREE. Downloadable PDFs for December 2021 and January 2022.
  2. ✅ SOLVED 3 gold coins found, not sure what they are.

    Found all 3 coins in a jar of mixed coins. Tried to look them up online, but couldn't find the exact same. Thanks for any information.
  3. What do Gold coins usually ring up as?

    Howdy all, I'm just curious as to what the signal would be for a gold dollar or any similar or large gold coin. if anyone has ever found anything like this with a detector that has 1-100 target ID, what did the coin ring up as? Just curious. Thanks for reading.
  4. Question about how U.S. gold coins read on a metal detector

    My #1 detecting goal for 2019 is to find my first gold coin after detecting for 49.5 years so I have an important question for members who have found U.S. gold coins or who have tested them to find out how they register on the meter. I found a post, last year, by someone who said he has found a...
  5. We've got 28 treasure wreck locations in condensed area in Caribbean

    We have two of the worlds best shipwreck historians/researchers who have info which we are sure to lead us directly to the wrecks and treasure. Our first wreck sank with tens of thousands of coins and in addition, the ship carried 1.7 million pounds sterling in other goodies.300 years ago that...
  6. Ship of gold in Adriatic Sea is found

    Bill Warren here to announce we have discovered a shipwreck in the Adriatic Sea that sank with 1 million french franc coins in value. Looks like the value today is around $13,000,000 if we find all of the coins. Our researcher is world-known and lead us to this wreck. We need a team of divers...
  7. Seeking divers in the John's Pass/Maderia Beach/Treasure Island, Venice Inlet areas.

    USCG vet with vessel in safe mooring seeking divers in the John's Pass, Maderia Beach, Treasure Island, Venice Inlet vicinity. Former NAVY/Coast Guard dive experience a plus. Looking to network with other members in that area as well - crew forming. Feel free to email any info, bio, etc. 8-)
  8. 10 Celtic Stater Hoard

    Last week I was in England with some of my friends on a planned hunt in Colchester. It turned out to be an Epic hunt and yielded 12 gold coins from one field in 3 days! 10 were 45 BC Celtic gold staters, of which i found two of, and two of them were George III milled. Unforgetable week, here...
  9. In the search for coins in Crimea

    Hello Today will talk about his quest in Crimea A few photos but the most interesting video
  10. Florida 1715 fleet metal detectors?

    Does anyone know which metal detectors were used during the recovery of coins at the 1715 wreck site in Florida?? Short handle and underwater use.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Coin identification

    A mate of mine found this, didn't say where and it looked interesting so I took a couple of pics - he doesn't really do the internet. Anyway, from looking through google it seems to be some kind of escudo, possible an 8 escudo piece? I would really appreciate an expert opinion on year and any...