gold mine

  1. GOLD MINES EVERYWHERE! Exploring Leadville Colorado!

    Hey Guys, thought you might enjoy this explore of Leadville. It's turning to winter up here already. This area now has a dusting of snow covering it from last night. If anyone knows mine owners in the area, feel free to let them know that I would be happy to help them explore and sample their...
  2. Exploring an abandoned Mine, EMANCIPATION Mine, near hope BC!!

    Watch until end for some links to some of the best mine explorers around, they go DEEP into this mine. We didn't have the xxxxx.

    👀Check your shorts at the adit, you're gonna need a fresh pair! Hehe, but seriously, exploring old mines is not something to take lightly. Do not enter☠️! Do not go in without proper training, equipment or an escape plan! Would you crawl into that small drift next to the rat hotel?
  4. Crushing Gold Ore found with a Metal Detector

    What a day! We find a free milling gold lode and crush gold ore with 2 different rock crushers! Prospecting ore deposits with a metal detector is great fun and this time we found a lode that may be worth mining! The jaw crusher takes the rock down to 1/2" +- and the impact mill further reduces...
  5. using Eq 800 for two gold mines I have located. Advice needed

    I have located two gold mines that I have access to after much research. one mine about 4 ft tall in the side of a hill and has a nice pile of quartz rock tailings pile. rocks are about 12" wide. Should I remove all of the larger quartz rocks to get down to the smaller rocks before I hunt with...
  6. In Search of the Lost Hobo Mine, Mine exploration Colorado

    Thought you guys might enjoy this trek into an old abandoned mine here in Colorado. Chest deep snow and a harrowing descent into the old abandoned mine shaft! Is this the squatters fabled gold mine!? The story goes; "There is a long haired scruffy fellow, living in an abandoned gold mine here...
  7. North Bloomfield & Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park

    North Bloomfield & Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park North Bloomfield & Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park in Nevada County,California.The site of California's largest Hydraulic Gold mine. Watch this short Video of the Town and the Workings it's a great place to visit !!!

    You know, I just looked away from the mirror for just a second, and then, there it was...first gray hair, and then white!!?? What the heck? For you fellers in the Phoenix area, I have a nice little mining project. Uncle Sam says I gotta dig by hand. It is semi-soft sediment with quartz in...
  9. Research Sources - The San Saba Mission

    The best single book I've read on the subject is clearly The San Sabá Mission: Spanish Pivot in Texas by Robert S. Weddle. It is first rate and highly recommended. Also very interesting is THE SAN SABA PAPERS. A Documentary Account of the Founding and Destruction of San Saba Mission. Edited...