gold nugget

  1. 2.5 gram specimen what a find

    I was out in the wash I have been metal detecting with my gold monster 1000. When I found this and a .8 gram nugget. This wash in Arizona just can not stop giving up the gold total of 6 grams of gold I have pulled from it.
  2. Golden Flannel Surprise the three bag Conglomerate Crush

    Golden Flannel Surprise the three bag Conglomerate Crush Click here for Video Sunday Surprise !!! See what I find in my flannel pocket from who knows where ? I think it's been in there sense last summer !!!! I definitely called Gary to Neener Neener Him on my find !!!! I found more Gold...
  3. BIGGEST NUGGET YET! Metal Detecting Arizona Gold!

    Largest gold nugget of the trip puts us at 15 nuggets so far! We crushed our goal of 7 metal detected nuggets and are zeroing in on some sweet 🥔nugget patches! Let's see what else I can coax out of this rugged n harsh terrain. Get Some😁
  4. She found Super Highgrade Gold Ore with her Eyeballs!!

    She's got laser eyes! Chunk of extremely rich gold vein found. Prospecting with this gal is unbelievable, so far she has found 4 pieces of gold just with her eyeballs. Now we need to find the vein. A ton of this same material would be worth around $500k! Wouldn't that be nice.
  5. My Biggest Gold Finds this year!

    What a tremendous year! 1/4 pound of gold from dredging and we located a handful of rich new gold veins! Exciting times ahead! May you all have a prosperous and bountiful new year! 🙌Heavy pans my friends🙌
  6. Finding Gold Nuggets with a Metal Detector ( Two Toe’s and the Gold Digger’s )

    Ever wanted to Find Gold by Crevicing those Bedrock Cracks well stay tuned and watch how Two Toe's and the Gold Digger's do while using there Metal detectors to locate those elusive Gold Nuggets !!!! The Boys from Flash in your Pan (Ed, Toledo Jess, and Dan-O ) head West to meet up with Gold...
  7. The Art of Finding GOLD! Highbanking

    The Art of Finding Gold! This episode is loaded with gold prospecting tips and tricks that I have learned over the years! Hope you Enjoy:goldpan: If you have any tips of your own, please share with us! Cheers!
  8. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets

    See who wins
  9. Loaded Fine Gold, Panning in Colorado

    The 49ers panning thread inspired me. The old timers sure got to work some good virgin ground back in the 1800's! I venture out modern day sampling for GOLD just like the old-timers did, with a gold pan! We find some pretty sweet fine gold! This is considered good modern day panning ground...
  10. 3 Nuggets Detected in Colorado, We each found a Nugget!

    Hey guys. Thought you might enjoy this video from this past weekend! We both found gold! Colorado is known as a fine gold state and detecting any gold here is quite the challenge. The joy on her face just makes me smile every time! Hope you enjoy. Heavy pans and clunkers in yer scoops! D
  11. Underwater dredge video

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  12. Gold Nugget! Doesnt this little gold nugget look just like a person running!

    Gold Nugget! Doesn't this little gold nugget look just like a person running! [/ATTACH]I found this little nugget on Indian Creek near the West Branch Campground. It was my first experience using a fossiker. This fossiker of mine is an amazing prospecting tool. weighs in at around a pound. It...
  13. Found my first piece of gold with my metal detector

  14. the Prospector

    OK, I had to poke a little fun at us prospectors. I filmed a little short up at San Gabriel East Fork. Found a little gold while showing the actor how to pan. :) Hope you like it.
  15. SGMA, Northwest Georgia Chapter of the GPAA

    I would like to let everyone know that there is a new GPAA chapter in Northweat Ga. you can find out more about us on our website; BUCHANAN, GA NORTHWEST GEORGIA CHAPTER ALAN MCCARY [email protected] 678-401-3879 NORTHWEST GEORGIA CHAPTER...