1. Today’s haul 😆

    We took our Deus’s out to the field where I found my first hammered, it was a beautiful clear cold day with an evil wind… but we were to excited to be put off! Woolly hat on we set off… well.. just look what we found! 20 musket balls, 9 of our special little lead things, some other bullets...
  2. Stubble Trouble 😬

    Today we wanted to go to a possible Roman site on our permission.. but it still has stubble on it.. but Himself wants that Roman 😬 .. so we gave it a go! He found a hammered .. no id yet?! Usual buttons, lead bits, and possible Roman bits?? 🤔 We def need to go back to do it properly when there...
  3. Today was a good day! 😎

    Today dawned bright and sunny after yesterday‘s rain so we set off eagerly across the grass fields… started Finding bullets, so changed direction back towards the truck, I got a poor signal and we were in 2 minds whether we dug, but as the digging was easy I did, about 8 inches down up popped my...
  4. Two silver hammered coins

    Just picked up these two unidentified beauties from a English detectorist. Both about the size of an English silver penny. (20mm) The first looks to be a crusader. coin (with the bust and cross.) The second looks to be British. (with the shield and cross with three dots in each corner.) Any...
  5. Hammered Coin I found

    While out searching with my friend I found this hammered coin. It's in pretty good condition and would like to know it's exact date. Was pretty happy when I found it :)
  6. Check out this old religious pendant

    New here. First day. Hi everyone. I haven't used a metal detector yet bug after reading the threads Im guaranteed to start immediatley. I have been collecting coins for years now and I was just handed down a huge collection of antique religious medals and crosses. Hoping to get some input on the...
  7. Identify this hammered coin

    I bought this half-cut hammered a while back,and need help I'Ding it.Help me please Thanks, collectorconor
  8. Hammered Coins:Ploughed or Pasture

    Hi,there isnt any ploughed fields where I live and I was wondering are they as likely to turn up in pasture as they are in ploughed? I have a Garrett Euroace,by the way,which has good detection depth.