1. ✅ SOLVED Iron Hinge? Handle? Club?

    Hello All, I found this at an old schoolyard, anyone have any ideas on what it is? For size reference, it is about 2 inches long.
  2. Todays finds/Texas

    I live in an an old cotton mill “tenant home”and never know what I’m going to dig up,I’m wondering what and what era this hardware?(bottom right)came out.Also “printed on domino?ha!it’s old cause of the crackle in it,never seen one without indentations for the dots,Thank you
  3. Iron on the beach What is it??

    Hello, Not sure what I found. Really deep in the highwater mark is a Long Island beach . Not sure If it’s a tool, a cleat, or a weapon? Let me know what you think. I think It’s pretty old.
  4. Picture: Large Button or leather ornamentation hardware?

    Hi All - First time post ; ) We've picked up two of these in different locations here in New Hampshire (about 5 miles apart). Both sites could have artifacts from the early 1700's to early 20th century. Not sure what this is - we were thinking a 'button' perhaps affixed with a large not? Or...