1. Beaver trapper hat from the 70's. Need some help identifying the maker.

    I realize this is not a clothing forum but I need some help. The hat is from a guy that worked the Alaska pipeline in the 70's. It was stored with some of his winter coats and overalls, (Refrigiwear). The manufacturers logo in the hat has me stumped. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Old "Boss of the Plains" style Cowboy / Indian hats.

    Kind of interesting... I just found these two old, handmade, hand-formed fiber cowboy /Indian hats. I think the style is called Stetson "Boss of the Plains". I found them at the same location that I found 2 Apache woven baskets. Definitely o-l-d. I'm guessing they were probably from the...
  3. Found today: Soviet Russian Soldier Hat with Medals and Patches.

    Fount it at the recycle thrift store. I can't tell if its a cool souvenir or the real deal because it's really clean. Any guesses?