Beaver trapper hat from the 70's. Need some help identifying the maker.


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Dec 2, 2017
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I realize this is not a clothing forum but I need some help. The hat is from a guy that worked the Alaska pipeline in the 70's. It was stored with some of his winter coats and overalls, (Refrigiwear). 20181104_202858.jpg20181104_202844.jpg20181104_202827.jpg20181104_201430.jpg20181104_201531.jpg The manufacturers logo in the hat has me stumped. Any help is appreciated.

Doug, I'm no fur expert, but my first impression is that your Beaver Hat looks Russian in design.
Of course it might be Canadian also, if it came from Alaska it could be either. :icon_scratch:

"Beaver Fur Hats
Beaver, which was once native to Europe, is now only found in North America. It is an aquatic animal with shiny guard hair and exceptionally thick underfur. The color range is wide. It may be dark brown on the back, shading to pale golden brown on the sides, or the entire fur may be pale or even silvery. The best beaver comes from Canada, the northern US, and Alaska. Northern beaver wears longest. Beaver is used both natural and plucked and sheared. Natural beaver doesn't resemble the sheared beaver with which most of us are familiar with. The look is entirely different. Watch for long guard hairs that give the fur a lustrous sheen."

I might suggest sending your pics to a number of Canadian fur hat makers, they're bound t recognize the makers stamp. :thumbsup:

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Congrats Inix, Great find!

I don't know anything about furriers but this is one fine hat. Are you sure it's beaver? Looks like it could be something more exotic. Is it 7 1/4 by chance? LOL

You might research hat sizing info world wide. The white tag probably has the size on it. If any of those numbers can be correlated to a size in whatever standard other countries use it might be a hint where it came from.

Best wishes and good luck on an ID!

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I agree with ANTIQUARIAN re the design. I like fur hats like this in the winter but usually have to settle for the ones with the rounded crown. I researched this design once to see if I could find a source and I believe I found them at Duluth Trading Co. I believe they said they came from northwestern Canada. I can't speak for the brand or logo.

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That's the purdiest thing I ever seen from a groundhog!

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They made stuff so much better back then!!!!!

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The globe and the funky letters in the logo make me think CCCP.


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