1. Need help identifying military vehicle 1922

    Id like to find out about this vehicle. Any help is always appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Found this stone on Hawaiian beach

    Went shell searching on the north shore of Oahu with my girlfriend and her mother who have lived on the island all their lives and we found a stone which neither of them can identify.
  3. What beaches are best?

    Im here on Oahu and looking for a good beach to find rings. Does anyone know what resort beaches allow metal detecting?
  4. Molokai Bottles

    My grandma had a Molokai Beverages Bottled by Molokai Electric Co, and a Coke Bottle with Molokai on the bottom. I'm curious to know what those may be worth (although I'm keeping them, because they're cool!). Any thoughts, or links to sights for more assistance is appreciated!
  5. 2012 Need a Detecting buddy

    47 year old male looking to buddie up with someone who is interested in a regular treasure hunt day once or twice a month. I walk slow due to an injury so if you're fast I might drive you crazy. I live on the windward side. Message me if interested. Aloha, Alan