help find a spot

  1. Coachella Valley Hunting

    Got a Equinox 800 coming Saturday and would like to go to Mecca area to try it out. Complete novice. Any suggestions as to legal metal detecting areas around Mecca? 8-)
  2. Where to arrowhead hunt in Colorado?

    I live in castle rock Colorado, Douglas county. Does anyone know where to look near me or in colorado?
  3. Noobie in SoCal (sortof)

    Hello all, I probably should have done this back 5yrs ago when I joined just to ask a question about mica that I got overly excited about! :dontknow: Well, I'm now fully established in San Bernardino, CA now & in the last 5 yrs have only been able to make it out 2 times! I'm hoping to change...
  4. New to Metal Detecting!!!!

    hello im 100% new to this hobby im 20 years old and i always wanted to try and i think my fiance is going to get me a metal detector my Christmas, i seen her amazon cart with a bounty hunter IV !! super excited but completely lost at the same time i live down in Ruskin, Florida near Tampa Bay...
  5. Help with anywhere in KY or TN (need some weekend dream-trip support pls)!

    I tried this post in a similar forum (which shall go nameless) :laughing7: and didn't receive anywhere near the community love I had hoped for so went in search of a new place to call home and ended up here :) Anyway, hear me out. I realize this is a total long-shot, but If I don't have a...
  6. is anyone in NC that knows a couple of good spots to go dredging

    I just moved to NC and im looking for some places to go dredging that i wont have to pay for. if anyone wants to go dredging with me hit me up.
  7. Finding a hunting spot

    I live in Nashville Tennessee and enjoy old coin hunting and modern to old jewelry detecting.I have a few problems I have been detecting for a little over a year and am having problems locating places to hunt. The second problem is that I am only 13 years old and nobody trusts me to detect their...