1. William Penn and Mystery

    There are two pieces of brick or cement I found a few years ago. The first appears to say "Wm. Penn" and the second looks almost like "Mystery". I doubt it actually said "mystery". Was "Myster" an old spelling of "Mister"...? Thanks for your help! ~Elam
  2. Some historical information to help.

    I am starting this thread because there is a place where history and facts hold no relevance. I have been in the history field for a while and it literally hurts me when I see non factual information being passed as fact. So through out my thread I will do my best to tackle some of these...
  3. In search of historian...who was Antonio de Ergueta?

    I think I have come to the right place. I chuckle, because my father and I have had an interest in coins and stamps (his is much more than mine), and he has never told me the story of how the first "Erguetas" came to Bolivia until today. I have been trying to uncover the branches of the family...
  4. 💵 FOR SALE Brilliant Victory Book - 1st Edition Hardcover. Only 500 Printed. Limited Quantity

    Need a unique Christmas gift for the history buff in your life? Very limited quantity of the book "Brilliant Victory: The Second Civil War Battle of Cabin Creek, Indian Territory" available in hardcover. Only 500 copies of the hardcover edition were printed. Signed by the author. The...