hunting buddy

  1. Colorado Springs Trip

    I have a short trip to Colorado Springs coming up in July. I am looking for suggestions on "Must See and Do" activities while I am in the area. I am looking for ideas on where to do some gold panning or rock hounding. Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring my detector with me, but if you're...
  2. Looking for apprenticeship

    Hello everyone, I’m here looking for someone with the knowledge and experience of finding lost treasure and lost mines, as well as the knowledge on how to do the right research to find these items. Preferably someone who’s a bit older and wants to pass down the knowledge they’ve gathered...
  3. Anyone in New Jersey want to do some hunting today and or Tomorrow?

    Hi Guys, Anyone interested in doing some hunting today and or tomorrow (March 25th, 26th 2016)? I am from Monmouth and Ocean counties but I have no problem traveling within New Jersey either. I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. looking for M/D buddy

    Hello anyone. I live in carterect county. I am searching for another person to hunt with. I ve done my research and know of a few places with some potential.:treasurechest: