indian artifact?

  1. Indian Artifact?

    Found in a Ohio creek, around Ringgold. Can anyone identify?
  2. First time finding Indian pottery?

    Found by the river! i was digging a signal when i flopped a piece out and wih further digging this is all I found but I do believe its my first indian pottery :headbang::usflag: any info would be amazing!! does anyone know about the things to look for in the PNW?
  3. Need Help Identifying Unique Piece

    I was less then 10 minutes into my first arrowhead hunt (No luck there.) and this caught my eye in the creek. Based on the shape and cut marks, I assume it is man-made. Can anyone verify this and provide any other information? I have tried to do research but I haven't found any Indian stone...
  4. Indian artifact possibly??

    Hey everyone I'm new on here, and I have a artifact that I'm not quite sure about, I was hoping for some opinions, advice, any kind of knowledge. It was found in the hill country in Texas. It's quite large, made of sandstone, it's a sculptured head. I'll attach a couple of pictures and I look...
  5. Indian Tool/Carving ??Maybe??

    I found this rock with an interesting scalloped-carved side. Located near Aiken/Edgefield County in South Carolina in an area that feeds into the Edisto River. The field where I found it is centered between two large creeks. I have found many arrowheads in this area, and possible tools. I am...