1. Iowa Relic Show Jan 27th coming up

    Coming up soon the Wesleyan College Student Activity Center, in Mt. Pleasant Iowa January 27th, starting at 8am. If you can make it, please take photos and post for us. Check out this and other relic shows at Central States Archaeological Societies (CSASI) events page.
  2. Is this a celt?

    I recently found this on a large island in the Mississippi River in Iowa. It was on the exposed clay layer that is underwater a lot of the year, so there has been a lot of wear from sand. I’m pretty sure it is a celt but wanted to get the opinions of people on here who have more experience than me!
  3. Man Realizes Baseball Bat at Garage Sale is Worth More Than $1

    The seller had no clue that the bat belonged to Jackie Robinson. She said her children played with the baseball bat all the time in their backyard while growing up.
  4. Fill Sandbags to create small dam?

    I was wondering if anybody has tried using sandbags to create a small dam for sluice set-up? My spot does not have many big rocks so I usually have to shovel clay chunks to make a dam. I usually try to sluice in shallow waters running next to or ontop of sandbars. Problem with shoveling...
  5. coiltek vs minelab

    Hello all! So First off, I purchased a Minelab E-TRAC... it came with the Sunray Probe, Sunray sniper coil, and a Coiltek 15" All Terrain Search Coil. My question, which one is the better coil? The minelab stock coil that came on the etrac, or the Coiltek? Thanks, Chris
  6. Iowa Treasure in the News from 1915.

    This article tells about a real treasure chest containing $90,000 (1915 value) in gold that was buried near Siam, Iowa in 1868. By my rough calculations, that would be approximately $5.5 million in bullion value alone. That's not counting the numismatic value of the treasure which would...
  7. First Gold in Iowa

    I bought a gold pan a few years ago before going to Arizona for a family vacation. Never got a chance to use it. I decided to give it a try in Iowa. I went out to a creek for fun. I didn't think there would be any gold but I surprised myself. Here is the first ever spot I found gold, and my...
  8. Whos up for gold prospecting in central iowa? I have great gear.

    Who's up for gold prospecting in central iowa? I have great gear. This was found in 2 hours from a creek in grimes.
  9. Gold Hog Stream Sluice

    So, I finally broke down after watching all of the Gold Hog videos on Youtube. I Purchased the Gold Hog Stream Sluice.. and after only waiting 2 business days, I received it. I love it. I have yet to get it in the river, but what I can tell you is that thing is made to withstand almost any...
  10. Finding the golden field of dreams in Iowa

    Hello! My husband Marco and I have been amateur gold prospecting for a little over a year now. We thought it would be fun to take a camera with us on our adventures and vlog a bit on our time out on the river/creek. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we have a few vlogs on YouTube of the...
  11. Hello from Waukee, Iowa from someone who has not bought detector yet. Need advice!

    I am beyond a Newb. I have not even purchased my detector yet, which is partially why I signed up for this site. I am looking for information on the best places in my area for purchase and support (I prefer to support local businesses as opposed to internet sites). I am also looking for...