iron hunting

  1. Some type of tool?

    I was detecting an old 1870s farm site and found this strange looking tool. Not sure what it could have been used for. It looks like it has some paint on the end of it. It had a slight spoon shape in one side and is formed to a slight peak on the back. I have found all sorts of iron in the...
  2. New here - my new finds

    I recently moved to family land in the Texas panhandle. I've been walking the property picking up metal and glass and started finding buttons. Back in the day, my grandma did laundry and would drain the ringer/washer out behind the wash house. I have found some interest stuff on the surface...
  3. Magnet fishing in the ocean???

    I am making a trip to the beach soon and I always detect and find some cool irons pieces. But this time I will still detect but I would like to try magnet fishing from the shore. Have any of you tried this at the beach, and do you think that their will be stuff out there to find?