1. Peacock lamp

    I found this beautiful peacock lamp . Anyone know anything about it. Could not find one like it online ? Thanks
  2. The Stiffel Company lamp

    Leviton made in USA. Issue number 2052 Don't know much about it . Looking to sell
  3. Pretty sure it's a lamp/lantern piece, but what part, kind/age?

    Went out to a piece of city property next to a graveyard, may have been a park according to old maps. This was pretty shallow, nothing on the back but the edges are rolled over. Managed to straighten it a bit and this is everything it says!
  4. ✅ SOLVED Chinese Lampshade made from Animal Skin? Who? What? When? Where?

    Found this very unusual Chinese / Asian -style object today that I think is a twisted lampshade or some kind of ceremonial lantern /ornament. It is super strange because it is made of some kind of natural skin or hide that was stretched over a heavy twisted metal framework and sewn with...
  5. Need help identifying Kerosene Lamp? thats been converted/electrified

    Need help identifying Kerosene Lamp? that's been converted/electrified Hello, I recently started looking into collecting antique and vintage lamps, a subject I know nothing about yet, so any info will be much appreciated! I got two of these lamps yesterday, they appear to be old kerosene lamps...