Need help identifying Kerosene Lamp? thats been converted/electrified


Nov 3, 2012
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Need help identifying Kerosene Lamp? that's been converted/electrified

Hello, I recently started looking into collecting antique and vintage lamps, a subject I know nothing about yet, so any info will be much appreciated! I got two of these lamps yesterday, they appear to be old kerosene lamps turned into electric lamps, but there are no markings anywhere. I cannot find anything that looks even remotely close to these. Any clues?


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Dec 30, 2004
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Is their any signs of past use as a kerosene lamp? (oil residue/smell in the tank or upper wick area, etc). I'm somewhat thinking they may have been made to look like converted kerosene lamps, mostly because they would have to have had the longest wicks I'd seen on a kerosene/oil lamp. Age-wise I'd guess 1960's - modern, based on the solid brass construction (or at least they appear to have a rather solid constuction, are they heavyish?) But keep in mind that my accuracy is around 4%, so I may be wrong about any or all of this.
Was the oil tank removed or drilled through for the wiring? It may take some dismantling to find, but I would think there should be some kind of marking on them somewhere, as they don't look cheaply made.

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Jan 25, 2008
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Kerosene Lamp?

Soogees - I am no expert at Kero lamps, but I do have a few. Check out this website, it may have some answers for you. Kerosene Lantern Frequently Asked Questions Page IMHO, it looks like a reproduction, as there have been many overseas makers doing just that, especially with the intent of making electric lamps out of them. If it is a kero lamp, it would be the first I have ever seen that did not have a glass globe and / or some type of metal or glass shade. Good luck in your search! - JHinPA

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Jan 12, 2011
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A Lamp made to appear to look like a kerosene looking.............HH

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