large cents

  1. 4 large cents one hole copper coins

    I found these in my yard about 12 years ago 6” down all in the same hole stacked and it looks like you can see where the one with the hole was stacked on the other coin. I used a dfx 300 if you know anything about these feel free to let me know
  2. Home built in 1801 finally begins to reveals her secrets

    In the last 2 weeks, I have been hunting a new permission in a rural farming town. The home was built in 1801 and while I was finding some interesting (mostly modern) items, I just couldn't understand why I was not finding any period artifacts. Yesterday, upon returning for a second hunt, I...
  3. 1817 Large Cent With "PHILAD" Counter Stapmp

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum -- I posted on the main board for the site and was referred here! So yesterday I got permission to hunt at the stable that is right off MLK Parkway. There was a little cottage that is there too. I found my second Large Cent! Woo HOO! My first is from 1850 and...
  4. My best hunt ever. found a small cache of Large Cents old dates