1. ✅ SOLVED Small lid or clasp with name “Franco”

    Found this at a home built in 1928. It is an oval shaped piece of metal that has some form of chrome plating. It has the word “Franco” etched in the center with a decorative design around the word. It says Trade Mark along the bottom edge. It is hinged along the top and has what appears to...
  2. Need help with tin lid

    Previously gilded brass/copper tin lid. 2-1/8" dia., 18g. The fleur di lis might help id what the lid came off of. Possibly old condom or tobacco tin?
  3. Heinz Ketchup lid?

    Hi, I am ansolutely new to metal detecting and to this site. I found a lid the other day, which I think may be from a Heinz bottle. Could anybody please help me learn more about it? I’m sorry if I am in the wrong forum, but I figured at least it came off a bottle ... Cheers. Ok, so I’m on...
  4. Old Copenhagen snuff lid with knob

    Found this lid while I was using a metal detector in a old burned down logging camp. Can anyone identity when this style was used and what It was used for . Thank You
  5. ✅ SOLVED Metal Thermos/food container lid? or machinery cap?

    First off, I am new to metal detecting and I would like to say hello to everyone! I dug this strange thing up yesterday and thought it was maybe a tiny bowl with feet, until I cleaned it up and saw the threads. It is about 2.5" in diameter. One friend thought it may be a cap from some kind of...