lode gold

  1. Gold Mining Geology Tour of Claim

    Truly Amazing geologic features are uncovered in today's exciting exploration! This is mountain lion🐆 country and we find an active Cougar Den and feeding site! Let's learn about gold mining geology of the Cougar Den Mining Claim⛏️
  2. CRAZY NEW CONTRAPTION to Find More Gold!

    ⚫️Black Sands made EASY! It runs on Auto Pilot! This new 🧲magnetic separator machine will help you find more gold! Today we do a full rundown of the Electro Magnetic Separator and Dry Feed Auger to 🔥assay our placer black sands for gold. The results with Shock You! They are definitely not...
  3. Modern Day GOLD PROSPECTOR! Thousands of Hours of exploration can lead to the BONANZA

    Sometimes it can be really hard to keep pushing forward and searching in "vain" but that's what you gotta do! Let's break some trail and find Some Gold! Being a successful gold prospector can take thousands of hours of field work and extreme dedication. We metal detect for gold nuggets and...
  4. 24 hr's of GOLD MINING MADNESS! Lode Gold Mines and Metal Detecting

    I dig deep on my quest for 7 Gold Nuggets💪 We explore multiple lode gold mines and metal detect! I'm on a mission this trip. The intense search and hunting is what gold prospecting is all about. These explorations lead to me finding some tremendously rich mining claims and gold ore⛏
  5. Crushing Gold Ore found with a Metal Detector

    What a day! We find a free milling gold lode and crush gold ore with 2 different rock crushers! Prospecting ore deposits with a metal detector is great fun and this time we found a lode that may be worth mining! The jaw crusher takes the rock down to 1/2" +- and the impact mill further reduces...
  6. We cut some gold ore into Cabochons. Came out nice!

    I collected some ore from deep down in a mine last fall. This stuff was quartz rich and stable which made it suitable for cabbing. Something to think about for highgrade specimens. Makes some nice jewelry.

    Today we take a look at and sample some Gold Veins. We're calling this property the "GOLDEN GOOSE" because every single vein that we've sampled so far has shown gold With some basic skills, maybe you can find the next Big Gold Deposit, Get Some

    How would you develop this vein. A declined tunnel from here? A short shaft then drift? Supposedly the ores get richer at depth in this area but it sure is nice being closer to the surface! We proceed to jackhammer out buckets of gold bearing rock! Now this is what it's all about! Hope...
  9. Heading down into a new Gold Mine

    Hey guys, I'm starting a new little series on this mine. We will document the exploration, sampling and gold production, should be pretty interesting! Check it out if you would like. Please join us on the adventure.
  10. Lode Gold Mining Intro

    We head back into the mine to do some Lode Gold Mining! Up in the stope, we encounter a rich gold ore lens alongside a dike intrusion. Chiseling into the gold quartz vein is slow going but we end up with some rich ore samples for Jesse to analyze. This isn't just a gold deposit, the vein also...