1. Found in mid Tn. A few days ago

    So a while back I dug up a 1/4 reale. A few days ago I managed to dig up another object of greater size and weight. A few feet away I dug up another object that looked almost like a metal stamp. The next day I began cleaning the pieces and realized the stamp contained designs of waves and...
  2. Ebay finds, treasures and deals we've been lucky enough to buy

    I'm sure we've all found our share of deals on Ebay and after reading a recent post by insontis, I figured that other people here might also wish to share their some of their interests with other forum members. ========= Well, I've been on ebay since 1998 and (of course) I have my selection of...
  3. A 1970 luckily found in my small change!

    I was eating at burgerking with my friend and I decided to buy a apple pie. Well, I looked at the dates of the coins I got and luckily enough I saw the letter 'S' under the 1970!!!! What a rare find it was for me all I got in the past was from Denver!!! :)