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Apr 16, 2007
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I'm sure we've all found our share of deals on Ebay and after reading a recent post by insontis, I figured that other people here might also wish to share their some of their interests with other forum members.
Well, I've been on ebay since 1998 and (of course) I have my selection of deals I've purchased over time.

Some of my recent ones were a few advertising lithograph posters from the 1890's. Bicycling as we know it was a very new craze and magazines were published for these new enthusiasts. 'Bearings: Cycling Authority of America' was one of these magazines that catered to this fashionable interest in the bicycle and was published in the 1890’s in Chicago.

Charles A. Cox executed at least 10 posters for Bearings between 1890 and 1899. These posters were posted at newsstands and businesses to alert customers a new issue was on sale.

Recently, I purchased four of these original lithograph posters via. Ebay...

Bearings poster_1890s_$26.jpg - $26 Bearings poster_1896_$39.jpg - $39 Bearings poster_August 1897_$39.jpg - $39 Bearings poster_1890s_$54.jpg - $54

Obviously these posters need some restoration work done but wouldn't we all if we had been around for 120 years or so? The thing is that I know next to nothing about how to conserve paper ephemera this old so I currently have these rolled up in the back of my closet until I can figure something out.

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Nice finds. My last ebay buy was one I plan to keep also, at least for a while. It is what I believe to be a sterling WW1 era US Military artillery ring. Research needed, I may be wrong on the era. I haven't found another like it yet. I'll post a thread.

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