magnet fishing

  1. Magnet Fishing Valentines Day 2023 Petoskey, MI

    What a nice warm day in northern Michigan in February! Took the magnet to the public marina and had a great time!
  2. 1000 Subscriber Giveaway Video

    Hey all! Check out the link to my YouTube video for entry into the giveaway! Two winners will receive a Brute magnet fishing kit! 1000 Subscriber GIVEAWAY Video!!!
  3. The Power of Attraction

    I was interviewed in reference to a (new to me) type of tool that can be used to uncover treasures. You can see the interview here. You can read the story on the page to join me and others as we all are pulling up different items that may be related to a treasure you seek across the U.S.A.
  4. LOOK at all this LOST River TREASURE we found while DIVING (KNIFE FOUND!) | Forgotten

    My 9 year old son wanted to start a YouTube channel for metal detecting and treasure hunting to document our adventures, now we just need a couple of sponsors 😬 Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe
  5. Look at ALL this River Treasure we found in Alabama | Phone Found | Forgotten Finds

    We went diving in a River in Alabama.:tongue3: This is what we found: Please Like and Subscribe! Thank You!:hello:
  6. Magnet fishing from pontoon boat question

    I would like to do magnet fishing from my pontoon boat. I was thinking it would be nice to lower a realtime HD video camera down and hopefully locate good stuff visually. Either on a 23" extension pole or just attach the camera and camera video feed line to the rope down to the magnet. Any...
  7. Excited newbie

    Greeting all, I just received my rig today from Brute Magnetics. I live in the Washington DC area and am eager for my first outing this weekend. Cool story, in researching I emailed Gary Drayton from Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and he was kind enough to respond. A tremendous...
  8. Video of Magnet fishing off the shores of a lake river. FOUND A JUUL and JEWELRY

    Look through my other videos also. I think they are right up out alley of treasure hunting and metal detecting. Thanks.
  9. The Underwater Perspective

    Hey everyone. I've just taken up Magnet Fishing, usually I Metal Detect. Been reading through the posts here and other places, I ended up going for the 255lb Magnet and 550lb Nylon Rope. Fairly happy with the results so far and it has been quite a lot of fun actually. I've attached a GoPro...
  10. Ridiculous backyard tests with 500 lb cone magnet (you might be a redneck)

    Deer season is winding down, the temps are mild but too cold to venture to the creeks with my wild children in tow. So what do we on the evenings I'm not deer hunting? Eh, usually this kind of ridiculous stuff. On a serious note, we are trained hillbilly professionals and no beer cans were...
  11. Best Knot for Magnet Fishing **IMHO**

    Hey folks, I've been magnet fishing nor for quite some time and I've learned a few tricks here and there. Since this hobby seems to be growing very rapidly (I mean, we have our own forum on Tnet now!!!) I wanted to share the knot video I made for any newcomers to the hobby. I tried to film the...
  12. Magnet fishing in the ocean???

    I am making a trip to the beach soon and I always detect and find some cool irons pieces. But this time I will still detect but I would like to try magnet fishing from the shore. Have any of you tried this at the beach, and do you think that their will be stuff out there to find?
  13. Best find in 2014 - magnet fishing

    So I have been magnet fishing for 1,5 years now, and in the last part of 2014 I found some nice things! One of the best things was a silver spoon with one part silver and one part stainless steel which was why it was magnetic :) You can see the spoon here: Silver spoon In 2014 I also found some...
  14. - page about my interesting hobby

    Hey guys About six months ago, I dicided to try magnet fishing as my hobby. It was really fun and interesting being out fishing, so I decided to make a blog/website about my finds. I hope you like it There haven't been that many "treasures" yet, but I keep hunting, someday...