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Nov 25, 2013
Detector(s) used
110 kg. magnet
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Hey guys

About six months ago, I dicided to try magnet fishing as my hobby.
It was really fun and interesting being out fishing, so I decided to make a blog/website about my finds.
I hope you like it
There haven't been that many "treasures" yet, but I keep hunting, someday they must come
My catches include moneyboxes, a bench, knifes and lots of other exciting stuff

Feel free to come with some feedback of what you think about the page :)

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There's 2 old wells close to me and over the years I've found junks of metal and barbwire,nothing of value,but it's still fun.

Yeah I think it's the part where you never know what you are going to catch, for example yesterday I caught a bike, that was fun to catch :p
Also once I caught 2 unused cartridges from a gun (9 mm) :p

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