1. Magnet fishing

    Magnet fishing

    Just got these in the mail. Can't wait to get them wet.
  2. Excited newbie

    Greeting all, I just received my rig today from Brute Magnetics. I live in the Washington DC area and am eager for my first outing this weekend. Cool story, in researching I emailed Gary Drayton from Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and he was kind enough to respond. A tremendous...
  3. Broken eyelet on fishing magnet.

    So, I went magnet fishing at a dock and the dock had steel rims and steel walls. By accident the magnet got stuck, It is a 330 lb pull magnet and was very hard to move at all. I began pushing it off the dock with my foot when it slammed on the side. I then repeated the process until it was...
  4. Magnet fishing finds 100% solid brass!

    As I do apologize this is a metal detecting But I couldn’t find the section of the magnet fishing again for some reason as I’m still kind a new to this But regardless check out this really nice piece of history I found I couldn’t believe it! it’s treasure to me As I have never found this before...
  5. Well, damn. There is gold in that stream after all! Thinking of a plan.

    So, funny thing happened to me this weekend. Collected some magnetite from a backyard stream for my first go at smelting iron. (Just built my first forced air propane crucible furnace.) Used a magnate to pull the magnetite from the stream bed clay. There I was Saturday grinding up a couple of...
  6. Ridiculous backyard tests with 500 lb cone magnet (you might be a redneck)

    Deer season is winding down, the temps are mild but too cold to venture to the creeks with my wild children in tow. So what do we on the evenings I'm not deer hunting? Eh, usually this kind of ridiculous stuff. On a serious note, we are trained hillbilly professionals and no beer cans were...
  7. Testing out my magnet hillbilly style

    I've been magnet fishing for about 2 years now. When I first started, the hobby wasn't that well-known here in the U.S. Lately, however, it seems to be growing in popularity. As I've said before, it really is an underrated hobby. It doesn't demand much preparation, it's easy to do with your kids...
  8. Found a Colt Police Positive .38 Special with hammer cocked!!!!!

    This is by far the biggest rush I've ever had while magnet fishing :headbang: This thing is a beauty folks. Let me know also what you think of the new cone shaped magnet too.
  9. Please Identify! (Possible Meteor?)

    If you could it would be much appreciated if you can identify both of these ! And how much they are worth ? :icon_thumright: :headbang:
  10. Attractive Digger, very useful

    Any iron junk (especially nails) will jump onto the powerful magnet saving a lot of time and hassle! This has been a wonderful addition to my digger. :icon_thumleft:
  11. Best find in 2014 - magnet fishing

    So I have been magnet fishing for 1,5 years now, and in the last part of 2014 I found some nice things! One of the best things was a silver spoon with one part silver and one part stainless steel which was why it was magnetic :) You can see the spoon here: Silver spoon In 2014 I also found some...
  12. A frugal guide to making Scoop magnet

    A Scoop Magnet for the frugal. I got all the parts at the local hardware store less than $4.00 There are magnets in different sizes I opted for the 16 pound rating (if the bobbi pin is bigger than that its time for ice cream) Also look at the magnet and choose the one with the hole in the...
  13. I love my new Pro Mag!

    So as a ritual over the years I like to hit up schools in the summer that are open to the public when school is out. I find that many of the sand and wood chip tot lots can produce a lot of clad, real and fake jeiwelery and millions of nails, paper clips and junk. I found myself bending over and...