magnetic rock

  1. Magnetic Rock

    Greetings, On my trip to the country side village we came across very mysterious stones/rocks. Looking at the rocks and passing various tests we found that they are very attracted to nails and iron and steel bars (They are magnetic) and have magnetic features. The Rocks are very hard and heavy...
  2. Meteorite

    Heavy red and black stone
  3. Potential Meteorite?

    Grey, brown, and iron colored red bubbles and veins and crosshatching. It has lots of thumbprints and pores. It has what appears to be a drip or melting run of some metal ore. It is magnetic and relatively porous and hollow.
  4. Hematite?

    I went to the East Fork river, known for gold, silver, platinum, and an assortment of other things. These made it through my sluice, and were at the end of my pan with the black sands when I panned my concentrates at home. They have a nice luster, and leave a silver streak with maybe a little...