1. A Very Tiny Mystery

    Hello wonderful fossil-people! I usually hang out in the Native American Artifacts forum but today I'd show up here instead. If you and you're gang enjoy solving a groovy mystery, I have a post for you! This rock was found in an area of Northern Arizona that is very well know for producing lots...
  2. Nautical signal? Can anyone help with some information?

    I found this item at a yard sale. It is either oil or kerosene burner with a red and green lens on the side. It has a clear lens on the front and a place for a glass on top like an oil lamp. Does anyone know what this is? Patented June 4, 1895. I believe this once is from 1897.
  3. Iron Preservation Question

    The condition of this anchor shackle has degraded considerably in the ~2 weeks its been out of the ocean. Whats the best way to preserve it? I am not opposed to a long term chemical treatment if that's the best way to go.
  4. USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor Vintage but not sure what it is

    I am looking for help in trying to identify this USMC EGA pin. I have looked all over the internet for something similar and then also found another forum on this website with some helpful information but still have no idea. Is it a real military pin? It also has a loop for a necklace to go...