marshall metal detecting

  1. Metal Detecting Manchester Fairgrounds

    Went metal detecting at the Manchester Fairgrounds yesterday. This is the same venue for the Manchester Chicken Broil and soccer games as well. Many people will park their cars along the fence. I am metal detecting for dropped items and make a couple fun discoveries!
  2. Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm Campground Dover, PA

    Drove my family from MI to PA to meet up with our friends, the Alonzi Family, for a few days at the Gettysburg Farm Campground. We went to the GB museum and toured some of the sites. Loved it. I also got to do some detecting on the campground. Had a great trip! Metal Detecting Gettysburg Farm...
  3. Magnet Fishing Valentines Day 2023 Petoskey, MI

    What a nice warm day in northern Michigan in February! Took the magnet to the public marina and had a great time!
  4. 1000 Subscriber Giveaway Video

    Hey all! Check out the link to my YouTube video for entry into the giveaway! Two winners will receive a Brute magnet fishing kit! 1000 Subscriber GIVEAWAY Video!!!
  5. Magnet Fishing Huron River Ann Arbor

    Owen and I took advantage of the nice weather and went magnet fishing in Ann Arbor near Argo park. Had a great time out there. Magnet fishing is Owen’s favorite type of treasure hunting:)
  6. Metal Detecting Ann Arbor Farm House

    I was given permission to metal detect at a farm house of our new friends. I look forward to return as there is a lot of area to cover!
  7. Silver engagement ring in the swim area!

    Fam and I went swimming and I brought the gear, naturally 😉, and did some metal detecting in the water. About chest-high in, I got a high-70s signal coming through clearly. A few scoops later and I had a sparkler in the scoop! Still have to test to see if the rocks are diamond, but either way...
  8. Short water hunt

    Took the kids to the lake to swim and do some metal detecting:) found some coinage no silvers though:) Looking forward to metal detecting after the holiday weekend!
  9. Metal Detecting Naples, FL Beach. Wiggins State Park

    My family took our first Florida vacation last week. I got to metal detect on the last day. We went to Wiggins State Park beach and I found a XX(20) Centavos Cuban coin from 1969! The coin is made of aluminum.
  10. Campground metal detecting with my son!

    Owen and I went for a hunt at the campground this past weekend. Found a cool tag as well as some coins.
  11. First hunt of 2022! Small patch of grass at the park

    Wow, we finally got some warmer weather in Michigan. The snow melted in places and the ground also started to thaw. I found a small patch of grass at the local middle school to go metal detecting. It was the first hunt of the season and also the first time I metal detected with the Garrett...