1. 🇺🇸 A Presidents Day Relic.

    What's beneath the surface has always fascinated my curiosity. This remarkable relic was recently unearthed on our past Presidents day here in the States. I know what a 💩📺 🤣 at the moment but, let's not loose topic! Unknowingly, I was unaware of this relics identity & past purpose...
  2. IMG_20210731_225844259.jpg


  3. Coin or token identification?

    I was looking through my old coin collection and came across this coin, or token. It looks to be Masonic. Very warm and completely blank and smooth on the back side. I googled “masonic coin” and couldn’t find anything that looks like this. So , anyone have any ideas?
  4. ✅ SOLVED Mysterious Medal/talisman Please Help ID!

    I got this medal at an estate sale in the Pittsburgh area. The man who owned it was a Mason however I have no idea if there is a connection. It does not seem Masonic to my very untrained eye. Everyone who has seen the medal agree that it definitely seems to be old. Appx. 2" x 2.5" Can...
  5. Empty house next door has some interesting MASONRY work

    Ok my neighboring house is a little creepy yet beckoning me to pursue its history.. It's driveway is joined with mine and once the two places were one owned together and by foundation was built from the same stones in 1930. The house you see I believe was built in 1900. I'm spreading new...
  6. Solving the Beale Papers

    I have solved the Beale Papers and invite you to read my new book, which is formatted as a proof - the link to which is attached below. I will answer any and all questions relating to it. ( removed by mod, rule violation)
  7. Masonic symbols-honey amber flask

    The Eagle Side--The banner above says "E Pluribus Unum" The Eagle's talons grasp an olive branch with 5 leaves and 3 arrows. The laurel wreath below contains JP (maybe JHP, or HP--It's like a J and a P with a bar joining them). The sides are ribbed from the base of the neck to the base with 5...
  8. Masonic chipered treasure map?

    Guys,check this treasure map out;masonic chipered...and anyone to solve&get the meaning?
  9. Seeking Relics and Artifacts from Fraternal Secret Societies

    I am a member of the Order of the Patriarchs Militant, which is a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. I am on the Grand Lodge Museum Committee for the State of Texas. I am seeking to recover and collect artifacts that help us grow our traveling exhibits about secret societies in the...

    Small fob or pendant, little bigger then quarter. looks to be composed of silver. no marks, looks real old due to its wearing out. in 3d style, with a dime sized unmarked bottom - hollow with same design on both sides. i believe it has knights templar symbols but really need more information...