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Nov 16, 2013
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100_0417.JPG100_0418.JPG100_0419.JPG100_0422.JPG100_0423.JPG100_0424.JPGThe Eagle Side--The banner above says "E Pluribus Unum" The Eagle's talons grasp an olive branch with 5 leaves and 3 arrows. The laurel wreath below contains JP (maybe JHP, or HP--It's like a J and a P with a bar joining them).
The sides are ribbed from the base of the neck to the base with 5 ridges.
The Masonic side--A Central Archway with dominant keystone. A brick floor with 34 bricks. Inside the arch is the All-Seeing Eye with 29 (maybe 30) rays, A compass on a square pad, An equilateral triangle with 38 rays and a large G in the center. To the left of the arch: A skull and crossed bones and a trowel, above and left: a sun with a face. Above right a crescent moon (also with rays) and 7 stars. Along the right edge of the arch is a straight ladder with 22 rungs. Under the bricks are a crossed level and plumb and a beehive.
There is a small irregularity on the base, but no clear pontil mark.
There are several tiny bubbles in the glass, and no obvious seams. There is an old cork currently trapped in the bottle with markings of its own. I need to wait for it to dry out after cleaning the dirt and gunk out of the bottle before I try to remove it.

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Sorry, I had forgotten the pictures.
I appreciate the do I identify the repros?

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Hi'ya Aspie,

Pity about the missing photos, though I'm hoping they are just forgotten.

"The Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks in Keene, New Hampshire,and the local Masonic Lodge were closely tied to each other. Themajority of the Masonic flasks found were manufactured at the Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks. Harry Schoolcraft, a member ofthe Keene Lodge, was superintendent and owner of the KeeneGlassworks in 1815 and his initials, H.S., are embossed in the Keene Masonic flasks.

Later, in 1817, Justis Perry became the owner of the glassworks, and he changed the flask initials to J.P. This accounts for two different versions of the Keene flask. Oneversion has the initials H.S., and the other has the initials J.P. 11" historical flasks Masonic flask and history"


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Hello Aspie,

Yes I can see them. Too bad they are so out of focus. Could'ya try that again, in natural light, please. Closeups of the lip and neck from the seam side, the base and the medallion, along with the sides would be helpful.

How did you come upon it?

The color, and that cork are raising flags with me. I would, in no way, call that "Honey Amber."


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