1. Masonic All Seeing Eye Antique Brass

    This was given to me by a fellow detectorist and we were hoping to learn more about it
  2. George Washington Portrait on Rock?!?

    Fount this interesting piece that resembles our Masonic 1$t president's $1 portrait and posted it in the identifying forum and was told by a fellow name backwoodsbob to post here, and that some of you guys would enlighten me on a few things perhaps even tell me what it is here I fount. Thanks guys
  3. Any ideas? M E Fox

    This is carved on an old cedar stump way out in the woods believe before 1917 as the stump,is charred and the last fire was than, yes cedar stumps last that long bugs don't bother with cedar, there's stumps here that are 150 plus years old. Looks like someone carved the stump to look like a fox...
  4. Masonic symbols-honey amber flask

    The Eagle Side--The banner above says "E Pluribus Unum" The Eagle's talons grasp an olive branch with 5 leaves and 3 arrows. The laurel wreath below contains JP (maybe JHP, or HP--It's like a J and a P with a bar joining them). The sides are ribbed from the base of the neck to the base with 5...