1. Native American Mauls?

    These were found together in an old shop on my grandparent's farm. Is the one without the haft grove an actual maul/artifact or not? The only reason I suspect it may be is it does show some wear on the rounded end. These are the only photos I have.
  2. Maul This

    Possible Native American maul (left photo)? The only reason I ask is it was found in a collection with other 'actual' mauls that have grooves for hafting. Also, it does seem to have some tip wear. This is the only photo I have...
  3. Inherited possible native artifacts, hand tools? Maul?

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance your help with these. My grandpa left pails of rocks in his garage when he passed, which after some investigation over the years I’m thinking might be native artifacts? Doing some spring cleaning so I decided to finally clean them up and snap some pictures to...
  4. 3/4 groove stone maul head

    I inherited this beautiful 3/4-Grooved Stone Maul Head from my father, who found it while working on the family farm (in central Minnesota) half a century ago. I would also like to glean some insight into what you guys might know about such artifacts. There are more pictures available at...
  5. PNW Prehistoric Indian Tools found on beach-

    I'm new here, but I've been hunting for years. This is my collection of "tools" that I have found over the years while out on many a beach walk. I started to notice, they were always made out of the same material, in the same area and no where else. A lady who lived down the street from me who...
  6. Is this an authentic Indian Stone Maul/Hammer?

    Found this in South Texas. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what it actually is... (hopefully not just a rock!)