Is this an authentic Indian Stone Maul/Hammer?

Jan 8, 2013
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Found this in South Texas. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what it actually is... (hopefully not just a rock!)


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Welcome to Tnet. I am sure somebody will know but it isnt me. Thanks for posting.

Welcome aboard.. looks like a shaft abbrading stone and a pretty nice well used one for the type of stone. Here is one of mine that resembles yours. It's basically a sanding block for an arrow shaft..or other straight wooden shaft.


Welcome to t-net. Nice find. It does look like a shaft abrader. Did you find anything else in the area?

hey hey welcome to the net

i agree with shaft abrader or shaft sander
but not a straightener (wrench)

looks nice

It has all of the characteristics of an abrader, in my opinion. Strange looking stone or lithic it is made of. Looks almost like a fossil that the natives used. However, I know nothing about fossils. I probably should not have replied here, but wanted to say good eye. Nice find!

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