1. ✅ SOLVED Help Identify: Stainless Steel and Sterile. Medical Drill Bit? Bone? Teeth?

    I found several stainless instruments that were in sterile packages. I think they might attach to a drill. Are they for drilling into bone... teeth... surgery? Human or Animal? :icon_scratch:
  2. Vintage US Army Medical Box

    Wondering if anyone has any more information about this box. I believe it is from the 1950's. I really don't know much about it. Really looking for what they are called and how they were used. It is a great kit but would like to know more. Sorry if they are sideways, they uploaded that way 3...
  3. The Stuff of Nightmares

    My friend picked this up at a sale and gave it to me yesterday, my 1st question was "what the **** is it?" and then he went on to explain. These were tools to clean out peoples tear ducts, so imagine someone with one of these in hand moving towards your eyeball getting ready to shove it in, no...
  4. Medical Button found in Maryland

    The button in my profile picture is the one I am talking about. Cant seem to pinpoint the era it is from. Any info appreciated. About the size of a quarter. Found with Ace 250.