1. Hello from India

    Hi This is Aashish from India. I love to travel and find hidden treasures. I'm a marketer and blogger by professions. Guide me to this community please? :) Excited to talk to the existing members here. :)
  2. Norwegian Treasure hunter says hi!

    Hi everyone, :hello: I Am Mr.Rust or Marius, some people call me. I am 29 years old, from the place fjords devide the mountains of Norway. I do metal detecting, (for relics, coins, jewlery, viking stuff) I also pan for gold, shipwrecks, recently also started to get involved with gem hunting...
  3. Texas Society of Gem and Mineral Collectors

    The Texas Society of Gem and Mineral Collectors if based out of Fort Worth, Texas and offers low priced memberships with plenty of perks. You can email [email protected] to sign up with us. Fees start at just $5 per year and go up to $500,000 for a lifetime membership. The $5 membership...
  4. Hello everyone!

    Found this cool site and decided to become a part of the magic. I've been digging for a few years as a not too serious hobby and i just moved to Colorado so i may run across a few things i an unfamiliar with.