meta detecting

  1. Any help on an ID?

    Anyone help on an ID of this piece? Did it in electrolysis about 4 days and sealed it. Wasn’t sure if it was a gun part, or just farm trash. Found at a late 1700s site that I’ve found other CW relics on as well. Any help?
  2. A nice spill and a wise guy

  3. 🥇 BANNER Rare 1880 Canadian Quarter.

    Any info on this quarter would be awesome. I just found it tonight just after dark. It was my first find with the Legend. I guess I'm looking if anyone can tell if it is wide or a narrow zero in the date. Also what's Up with The G. Last any thoughts on the grade. Looks rather nice to me.
  4. First hunt 2023 finds a civil war relic

  5. Nokta legend another update?

  6. Digs upgrade and sticker call out

  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Mystery button

    Please help with identification I found this yesterday while beach detecting. I already posted about this, but here are some new photos after cleaning
  8. Another bottle hunt and another well

  9. Last tot lots Apex

  10. Garrett Apex predator hits two rings

  11. Apex vs The legend & a little rant, lol

  12. A little gilded action

  13. Nokta Legend coin shooting

  14. Campground metal detecting with my son!

    Owen and I went for a hunt at the campground this past weekend. Found a cool tag as well as some coins.
  15. Swinging in the Rain tune.

  16. My top five finds since 2014

  17. What is This Silver, Led, Aluminium or Other?

    What is this Can anyone id these finds? silver nuggets or led or aluminium?
  18. Great seal buttons

    I found these about 100 yards and 2 months apart! The big one is a Horstmann Philadelphia 1893-1935 and the small one which I found today is an American Button Co. 1901-1920.

    Hello TreasureNet! Happy New Year!!! :usflag::occasion14::headbang: In this video the Relic Rangers go back to Barber Ball Field in search of oldness. Vintage Odd Fellows relics are found along with a beautiful Barber Quarter. The camp is moved to another site where more barber silvers are...