1. meteorite from the orbit of the earth?

    ok please delete this post, sorry for wasting time
  2. Possible Meteorite Space Rock?? Found on railroad tracks near my house!

    I was able to cut the rock in half and was wondering is it a possible meteorite? :icon_scratch:
  3. Found today - Meteorite???

    I was out for a walk earlier and cut through my neighbour's driveway and yard - saves me almost 3/4 of a mile. I found this "rock" in their chat driveway (blueish grey gravel for those who do not know) as I was crossing it. It stood out like a sore thumb (what ever that looks like) and when I...
  4. Could this be a meteorite rock I found???

    As you can tell, they are attracted to the magnet. I cracked it open to see if it had any of the metal flakes inside etc. Can anyone help me out??
  5. Canyon Diablo Meteorite?

    Could this possibly be a meteorite? It strongly attracts a magnet and leaves no streak whatsoever. To me it looks awfully similar to many of the Canyon Diablo pieces from the Barringer crater in Arizona. I found it probably about 80-100 miles from the crater.
  6. half moon stone blade/ possible carvings.

    was looking through old rocks i had tossed into a the garden since the weather was so nice today and came across this super sharp half moon shaped edge blade with a bunch of points and pieces. It looks like there may be some carvings or markings i'm unfamiliar with. Any help identifying is...
  7. Possible meteorite?

    Is this a meteorite? It is magnetic. If not what do you think it is?
  8. Potential Meteorite, VERY STRANGE!

    Hello everyone, just joined and like the site already. I need some help identifying a rock I have. It is not magnetic, streak test was red at first, now shows grey when exposed, it is EXTREMELY HEAVY, appears to have a fusion crust, maybe 1mm thick, and when ground down appears to be almost...