1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I found this in the Deserts of the Southwest United States with my Gold Detector.

    I found this buried up a Canyon in the Deserts of the U.S southwest. It was inside a 100 year old lard can that was sealed with a lid and wrapped in what appeared to be calico that turned to ash when I unwrapped it. The corner had already been sawn off when I found it and still shines brightly...
  2. Softball sized rocks setting off the detectors here in North Georgia

    Hello, I am detecting a heavily wooded area near Cleveland, Georgia, in White County. There are no Civil War fields or camps in the area, but a lot of old logging roads. Found a spot that was promising, but I just kept pulling up stones about the size of your hand. There is a a lot of quartz in...
  3. I believe these to be meteorite? Can any one more experienced please help me identify

    These passed the tests of appearance and also magnetic. What do you all think? Are they meteorites?5[/ATTACH]
  4. Big metal meteorits

    My family have had this meteorits for a long time, my dad and grandfather used to tell the story of how they found them in the ranch in México. This meteorits are very heavy, heavier than a normal rock of the same size. When we put a magnet close to it, it just get attached to it. They are all...
  5. Need help identifying my inherited rock collection

    When my father passed he left me his entire rock collection who he inherited from and Israel camp counselor they treated him as a son I know a lot of it is quartz but there are many stones that I have no idea what they are I believe some of them could be meteorites and artifacts feel free to...
  6. Canyon Diablo Meteorite?

    Could this possibly be a meteorite? It strongly attracts a magnet and leaves no streak whatsoever. To me it looks awfully similar to many of the Canyon Diablo pieces from the Barringer crater in Arizona. I found it probably about 80-100 miles from the crater.
  7. Meteorite Hunting in North Carolina???

    Hello all! Is anyone up for hunting meteorites in North Carolina? I am interested in connecting with like minded folks to search for out of this world treasure! If you are closer to Western NC then that is a bonus! Thanks! :tchest:
  8. Look at the pictures of my meteorites

  9. Look at the pictures of my meteorites

  10. I am new!

    Hello, friends, I would like to say hello and post some of my pictures of my meteorites, hope you guys like them! Thanks
  11. Nevada Dry Lake Bed Meteorites

    I checked out a site I saw on an episode of The Meteorite Men. Man did I hit the jackpot. A total of approximately 222 pieces of Diamond Valley meteorites. I say approximately because some are still iffy. I sent for some chemicals and supplies to check for nickel in the iron. After that they...
  12. Benefits of a Meteorite

    Medical Astrology: GEMSTONES and HEALING:METEORITE