1. How to melt a Japanese Concrete? - Treasure Spot Help me decode

  2. The golden secret of the Valley of death

    Sorry guys the following story is not a Yamashitia related story. However it is a Philippine treasure legend dating back to around 1905. A little known one at that? A great treasure maybe to be had for those willing to take very great risks. My boss has concerns over this treasure legend as...
  3. Hunter - Mindanao, PH

    Based in Davao Del Norte - We own; (removed by mod for rule violations. You must be supporting vendor to advertise here) Daaghang Selamat Po, Thank you,
  4. signs on stones.

    Hi i am a new member here and i need some opinion from pros. our group is on a project now in the philippines. In a 3meter wide river, We found a palm-sized face on a 2-meter wide round rock(we think its japanese). water level is just about 3-5ft and is full of rocks. about 5 meters away from...