mint error

  1. 1942 D and S Penny?

    I'm sure this will be discounted quickly. Was looking over some 1942 D pennies for the RPM and noticed the "S" mark on Lincolns jacket, far west of the "D" but on similar height. It's not obvious without magnification and my phone takes terrible pictures (could be operator error) I do realize...
  2. Quarter errors. Are they $$$ ones or nah?

    I apologize for the dummy words I'm gonna use, I just got started in these a week ago. The stamp is off and there's also a big dent on the left front side of the face and behind its corresponding side. What do you make of it?
  3. 1991 p dime. Machine laminate error?

    It's on one side and like a strip across the coin. Within that strip it's a different texture.above it and below it is normal and the usual wear. Is this a laminate error? Just came from another site coin talk. I get the impression they just jump to easiest answer and you can't question them...
  4. ✅ SOLVED How much is this 1939 Nickel with no mint mark Worth?

    Hello I would like to know the value of this coin, I found this coin one day while going through my jar of coins and I saw that there was no mint mark. So I looked it up and the website said it was worth a lot and I came hear to hopefully find out how much it is worth. SORRY I PUT THIS IN THE...
  5. Error Indian Head?

    Found the 1864 Indian head that was in an old roll and was wondering if it had some kind of mint error? I can't think of any other reason this would happen. Thanks!
  6. 1936, Lincoln frontal lobe explosion wheetie wheat cent mint error. Must See!

    1936, Lincoln frontal lobe explosion wheat cent with mint error. Found this poking around in the back yard... Think its worth anything?