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  1. Native American?

  2. Native American portable art

    Need help I dug this up along with a lot of native American tools & portable rock art but this appears to be solid silver just not sure any thoughts are welcomed!!
  3. bed warmer?

    found this by a small local creek and I have been told it is a native American Indianbed warmer. what do you think
  4. Where to arrowhead hunt in Colorado?

    I live in castle rock Colorado, Douglas county. Does anyone know where to look near me or in colorado?
  5. Navajo cuff bracelet, Santa FE, Railway

    Vacant beach house site find. Missing half. I spent about 40 minutes searching and no love for the other half.
  6. Unique

    Hi all. I own a ranch in SE Oklahoma rich in Native American, Paleolithic, and Neolithic artifacts. Sunday I returned to an old campsite in the woods I discovered last year.. Recent rains usually reveal new items. Along with much broken flint... I found arrowheads, a motar, nice hand ax. This...