new york button

  1. 19th century Two piece Button

    Hello I just found another button at my current dig location. I think it is Civil War era. “ Extra Treble Stand”. Is what I think it says on the back. It is magnetic. So not silver,gold or copper. Does anyone know what time period This would be from?
  2. ✅ SOLVED Eagle looking left w/Vertical Anchor Young Smith & Co. New York

    Had a wonderful hunt metal detecting with Fyrffytr1 and GaRebel1861 and found this little guy on top of the ground. In my research I'm thinking it's an early Navy eagle button 1830-1858...ish date. I also notice the eagle is looking towards it's left, as opposed to others looking right. I can...
  3. New York never looked so good--button that is

    Wow, I went back to my spot today that produced the 32 Spencers and gorgeous North Carolina and Connecticut buttons. Today I plucked out an unreal condition New York officers cuff button. I am just speechless at how gentle this soil is to buttons. I have pulled three state buttons now, two...