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  1. Dr. Porter Medicine Bottle

    Dr. Porter Medicine Bottle

    This is a tooled-lip Dr. Porter medicine bottle. Found on May 4th 2023.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help IDing some of these finds from a creek behind a house built in the early 1700s?

    Found in Tappan, NY. Any help appreciated!
  3. ✅ SOLVED Upstate Ny farm area ID help

    Hey everyone, first post here, very recently started the life, and I found these 2 today on a hunt near castleton on the hudson around where 1600s dutch settlers landed. The one that looks like a doorbell ringer is heavy, maybe lead or steel? The little circle thing is copper im pretty sure from...
  4. Native Indian Site finds

    Hello. I'm posting some pictures from my last hunt. I found what I believe to be a garbage dump site. Pottery, Ceramics, Iron, Iron, Iron, glass, fully intact bottles, strap buckle, axe head and many other items. Nothing in search site is 20th century. Not one bottle cap, or can, or pull...
  5. Identification Help

    Hi everyone, brand new member to the site, and recently got into rock collecting. I've been having a difficult time identifying a few rocks i've found, wondering if anyone could help me out. Found this one on a beach in NY. seems to have little bits of muscovite on it also. This one seems to...
  6. AL Post 1038 Valhalla, NY Food Drive Video

    We raised over $2,000.00 in cash donations for the VA Food Pantry in Montrose, NY, and almost 10,000-lbs of food donations for homeless and unemployed veterans and their families! :usflag:
  7. New- if u can help w musket balls and oxen shoe thanks

    Hi! New to MD scanning on land in upstate Ny - Found an oxen shoe almost a foot deep & today found these 2 - Wondering best way to id musket balls. Can find info on battles 30mins away so I know it's a good place to search. Any help or info would be great - have to dig mega deep it seems for...
  8. Glacial gold from Canada

    Thousands of years ago, the state of NY was literally carved, scrapped and gouged by glaciers. While all the time, it dropped off millions of tons of debris and gold along its' pathway. Would it be possible that gold was deposited into fissures that traverse the rapidly moving streams or rivers...
  9. * Captain Kidd hunters wanted *

    Hello fellow treasure hunting friends! I’m a producer for a Travel Channel. Our program explores archeological mysteries around the world, teaching real history in the context of an entertaining expedition to exciting places. We are doing a program about Capt. Kidd and the search for his...
  10. Newbie in New York!

    Hello All. I have been detecting only for a few months. Looking for places that allow hunting. More to hone my skills than find riches lol. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Diggers wanted in Albany ny

    Looking for detectors and diggers to help with a fun excavation in north Albany NY. Please call (469)816-2776 or (214)755-0301, ask for Missy or Rob and get the details. Dig in today through Sunday.April 15-17. Every person that shows up will receive a piece of the land. :wav::wav::occasion16::wav:
  12. Hello from cherry valley ny

    Hello to everyone out there, new to the forum,been detecting about two years. This is my first year with a decent detector (atpro) and have done pretty well. Belt buckles, buttons, 4 mercs, an 1862 Indian head, and a bunch of clad. Dying for a large cent. Anyone close wants to detect let me...
  13. 40,000$ in gold and silver coins from an 1895 train robbery near Geneva, NY

    Need help / suggestions. While researching buried treasure in the fingerlakes region of NY, I came across at least 8-10 different websites offering the exact same story. Supposedly in 1895 a train was robbed near Geneva NY. 40,000 dollars in gold and silver coins are said to be buried in a...
  14. Bottle digging old town dumps capital district NY. Anyone know any? Found 2 west NY

    New member here. I really like bottle digging but it's kind of a drag driving 1.5 hours just to go do it. Was wondering if anyone knows of any that are on land you can dig on in and around the capital region of NY. I'm in Saratoga county. Just send me a messege if you know. I'm willing to...
  15. Greetings from Albany, NY

    New member from Albany, NY via Boston. I've been MD'ing for 10 years paying my dues with a Whites Classic SL II; but recently purchased a Minelab Xterra 705. Looking for anyone in the area who would be interested in going out once it gets warm here in Upstate. I've got exclusive rights to...
  16. Looking for New York metro area (Whiteplains, Beacon OK) experienced hunter!

    Hi everyone, I'm a MA candidate at a graduate program in New York City. I've done some projects involving refuse and metropolitan areas generally during the second half of the nineteenth century and I'd love to accompany someone or a group of people on a dig so I can get first-hand experience...
  17. Meteo-right?

    I thought this was a bullet slug at first, but it's rusting and is magnetic. What do you guys think?
  18. NorEasters Metal Detecting Club

    Nor'Easters Metal Detecting Club We are in Stamford, CT boardering New York and Connecticut. Check us out on line at Noreasters Metal Detecting Club Of Stamford Connecticut and on facebook at Noreasters Metal Detecting Club Jessie Thompson email [email protected]
  19. Map Help

    Hi Everyone, My fiancé and I are new metal detector users. We have been searching beaches, parks and woods around our area. We have found some cool items (as well as mostly junk) so far including axe heads, relatively recent coins and old tools. However, we wanted to look at old maps and see...
  20. Hi newbie NY

    HI everyone...finger lakes area New York state.....went fossil hunting today will post odd find later.