old bottle

  1. Local find in NE

    Found this one poking it's head up from under a tree while walking the dog the other day. It took a good bit of effort trying to dig it out of the hardened, sun-baked ground as all I had available were sticks and rocks to use as tools, so I had to call in reinforcements to bring a spade and some...
  2. What is this strange coke bottle and how old is it?

    This is my first post btw so I apologize if this is not in the right format. I mostly use the fossil forum. I dug this out of a river in western Washington where I have found 1890's pottery and stoneware, 1900's medicine bottles 1910's mouth wash 1920's poisons 1930's Clorox and purex 1940's...
  3. Welch's unfermented wine bottle

    this is a greenish colored bottle that reads: DR C.E. WELCHS CELEBRATED UNFERMENTED WINE VINELAND N.J. features: originated from the U.S it has a few scratches on the outside of the bottle lots of tiny bubbles in the glass the top is slightly slanted seam ends at the neck of bottle indicating...
  4. Old Bottle

    Hi, I was out hunting for sea glass and came upon this bottle. I have posted pictures (sorry, some are sideways). Does anyone out there know how old it is and what it used to contain? You can see the markings on the bottom which read, B II 5 X. Thank you so much for your help!