What is this strange coke bottle and how old is it?


Jul 26, 2019
Tacoma Washington
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I forgot the name, its orange.
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This is my first post btw so I apologize if this is not in the right format. I mostly use the fossil forum.

I dug this out of a river in western Washington where I have found 1890's pottery and stoneware, 1900's medicine bottles 1910's mouth wash 1920's poisons 1930's Clorox and purex 1940's colgate toilet perfume 1950's beer cans church key style. 1960's beer cans 1970's, 1980's and 90's pop cans.

I dug this old coke out of a thick chunk of mud along the side of the ditch near the river. only the A in Cola was showing. I keep seeing the coke evolution chart but my coke has no markings on the side or the bottom that go with anything I've seen. I actually own one of these hobbleskirt cokes people keep telling me it is and have placed it here for you to compare it to. Anyone know what year this is? 67892135_2292675467729336_7034221622626091008_n.jpg67709398_423291871863395_49430757134827520_n.jpg68256416_2450923475183621_2456454086216646656_n.jpg

Those are pre 1962ish

Good finds and collectible

Welcome from Mi also. Tommy

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